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Let’s start this off with a simple sentence: Boring is good. That said, sometimes boring just doesn’t cut it. It might be that you are writing some personal projects and want to try out something a bit more varied. You might need some extra processing power because you need to do heavy calculations in frontend, or need to have some more desktop-oriented things available such as file I/O. This means that you have to reach out for some a bit lesser-used technologies.

Using Rust for additional processing power

I created a solver for a Sudoku-like puzzle game called Str8ts, which calculates a bunch of strategies while attempting to close in on the solution. This naturally requires a bunch of processing power. In addition, having the type safety and easy-to-use data transformation tools provided by Rust made the project really easy to write, despite the rather complex domain.

The final result is available here.

The project is split to two parts, one being the puzzle solver part and other being the frontend for the solver. The solver is traditional Rust code, while the frontend is implemented using Yew.

Getting started with Trunk, Yew and Tailwind

Trunk has pretty good instructions for installation. I’m not going to copy-paste those here, as they’ll probably be out of date at some point.

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